Keep Managed Environments Under Control

When you take over a new environment, it's almost impossible to know in advance how much effort it's going to be to bring everything under control. How many computers are there? What is their current state?

It can get worse when the "marketing guy" moonlights as an "IT guy" and thinks he knows what he's doing. When that's not true, nor is it his job, it can make your life difficult. Fortunately, AuditShark gives you the ability to review systems and keep managed environments managed.

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No Agent Infrastructure Required

Sometimes, you just need to get some information fast. AuditShark leverages an agentless approach to audits and is able to connect to any computer you have credentials for, using Windows Networking for Windows and SSH for Linux and UNIX, all from the same console.

This allows you to perform comprehensive audits without installing any additional software on the target machines. The information you need is just a few clicks away.

Audit Anything at Anytime

The traditional method of conducting an audit leverages auditing a sample based on the generally accepted audit standards (GAAS) and claims to be statistically valid. But most of the computers in an environment are not going to be a problem. AuditShark helps find the small percentage of computers which will pose the biggest time investment.

Don't let your customers' systems slip through the cracks. Know what's going on by performing regular audits and help keep your customers data safe.

Discover New Devices

When a customer puts a new device on a network, you need to know about it. But they don't always speak up and you can spend a lot of time troubleshooting a device that you don't know anything about.

Use AuditShark to run ping sweeps and Active Directory imports to ensure that you're auditing everything on the network. Help your customers identify rogue computers on the network so they can lock them down properly. If you need more information about a computer, run a quick audit to find out whether or not it conforms to your management standards.

Installs Anywhere, Even on a USB Key

There's nothing worse than not having the tools you need to get the job done. Some customers don't even have a file server, let alone a database. Fortunately, AuditShark has minimal requirements for installation. Simply install AuditShark on any laptop, desktop or server in the environment and you're good to go. There's no need to buy expensive server hardware or to install an expensive, SQL Server database.

In fact, you can copy the application to a USB key along with your license file to run it on a customer network. It's that simple.

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