People Don't Like You

No matter where you go, the life of an External Auditor is tough. You're an expert when it comes to audit & compliance. The problem is that you're an outsider to your customers, which is exactly why you were brought in to begin with. You serve as a second set of eyes on the customer infrastructure. The problem is that the engineers see you as the person who is there to point out their mistakes. They don't see you as being on "their side". This can make your job a bit more difficult when they're not as forthcoming with information as you'd like them to be.

Fortunately, AuditShark gives you the ability to get your job done without being hamstrung by a lack of motivated engineers. Here's how.

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Agent Installation Not Required

AuditShark leverages an agentless approach to audits and is able to connect to any computer you have credentials for, using Windows Networking for Windows and SSH for Linux and UNIX, all from the same console.

This allows you to perform comprehensive audits without installing any additional software on the target machines or asking your customers to install software.

Audit Everything to Eliminate Sampling Errors

The traditional method of conducting an audit leverages auditing a sample based on the generally accepted audit standards (GAAS) and claims to be statistically valid. This has almost zero bearing on the true security posture of the environment and can easily interfere with your auditing process if computers with known weaknesses are intentionally avoided by your customer.

You know that malware and viruses have the capacity to touch every machine in your environment to look for weaknesses. Don't let your customers' systems slip through the cracks. Help keep your customers safe by examining every machine to give them a comprehensive audit.

Discover Unknown Devices

It's rare that a customer knows about everything on their network. Here's the problem. Auditing for compliance doesn't do much good if you don't audit everything. All it takes is one misconfigured system to compromise an entire network.

Use AuditShark to run ping sweeps and Active Directory imports to ensure that you're auditing everything on the network. AuditShark helps your customers identify rogue computers on the network so they can lock them down properly.

Installs on Your Laptop

Most Enterprise auditing tools are challenging to implement and require skilled consultants just to run the setup program. And then they need server-class hardware, enterprise databases and a certified consultant to set things up in exactly the right way... or nothing will work. We think that's insane.

AuditShark is drop-dead simple. Install it on your laptop, add your credentials, choose a policy, point it at a target, click the "Audit" button and get immediate results. That's it... Seriously.

Your Customers Can Use AuditShark Too

Sometimes, customers won't even allow you on their network. We understand their paranoia although truth be told, your computers are probably more secure than theirs are.

AuditShark licensing allows External Auditors to provide their customers a copy of the software for up to 30 days while you are working with them. Policies and results are both file based so if they don't let you on their network, you can provide them a copy of the software and the policies you want run against their environment. They can provide you with the results and everyone is happy.

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