AuditShark Pricing

AuditShark is licensed as an annual subscription which dramatically reduces acquisition and startup costs.

After sending us your contact information, a sales rep will reach out within 1-2 business days to work with you.

Your contact information is completely confidential. We will not share, sell, rent, or lease it to anyone.

All Subscriptions Include

Free Upgrades

Your subscription entitles you to free product updates for the life of your subscription. At a minimum, we aim to publish a new release once per quarter. We also have systems in place that allow us to issue point releases to include minor enhancements to existing features or on-demand bug fixes to critical features.

Elite Support (We Use Real Engineers)

All support requests are handled by our engineering staff. That's right. It's all handled in-house. We don't hire non-technical people to do support and we don't send our support overseas to cut costs. Our engineers are empowered to fix customer issues as quickly and safely as possible. If that means creating a point release to fix a critical issue, then they can make that call.

Good Software That Just Works

Life's too short for bad software and building bad software is against our core principles. We've invested thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars into crafting software that just works. We're constantly on the lookout for new bugs and verifying that new features don't break old ones. Our mantra is fix bugs first, add features second. The result is a product that does what it's supposed to.

No Hassle Pricing

AuditShark is licensed using a very simple pricing model. Simply count up the number of computers in your environment and check the pricing chart. That's it! No negotiating with sales reps and no need to differentiate between client machines and servers. AuditShark an extremely affordable alternative to enterprise vendors who will nickel and dime you by charging 25x more for a server as they do for a desktop.

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