About AuditShark

AuditShark was created out of the need to answer two seemingly simple, but very important questions. For any given server:

1) Is my server still configured the way that I originally configured it?
2) Is my server configured securely according to best practices?

This sounds like a simple problem but the reality is that it's not. Security can be complicated. As more operating systems and applications are released, it doesn't just add to the problem. It multiplies it. Yes, I know. That sucks.

Let's face the facts. Security software is a cost sink. You know it and I know it. Having more secure servers will never ever in a million years make you more money. But having your server breached can cost you time, money, customers, and lost revenue. It might even cost you your entire business. So it's a tradeoff. Some see security software the same way they see backup software. You don't need it until you do. And by then, it's too late to just go get it. So you need to plan ahead. That's where AuditShark comes in.

AuditShark will examine your server and compare the configuration against its database. When it finds something wrong, it will let you know. When something changes that probably shouldn't change that often, it will let you know. And if you tell it to watch something, it will do it so you don't have to.

AuditShark acts as a second set of eyes on your server, silently looking for anything suspicious. Can you do the things that AuditShark does yourself? Absolutely. Head on over to the Center for Internet Security, download any of their consensus security benchmarks and go through it (by hand, of course) to see if your server is secure. Then manually verify all of the other sensitive areas of the server that you can think of. When you're done verifying the 100+ checks, you should follow best practices for security. That means you wait a week. Then do it again.

Suddenly, implementing security sucks. So you slack off. Chances are good that you probably didn't make it through the checklist the first time. But don't worry. Sign up today and AuditShark will regularly do it so you don't have to.

And that is where AuditShark makes your security responsibilities suck just a little bit less.

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