Daily Security Audits

Following best practices for security is a bit of a pain in the neck. Who has time to audit their servers on a yearly basis, let alone every month or every week! Let us handle it for you.

After you install the agent on your servers, and schedule your audits, you can choose to be emailed daily reports letting you know where things stand each and every day. Your security checks happen in the background, just like they're supposed to. This lets you get back to your business with a little bit more peace of mind.

Ad Hoc Audits

Need to know something quickly? Run an Ad Hoc audit. You get the same power of the scheduled audits without the wait.

Ad Hoc Audits are especially useful for newly deployed servers or situations where you've just made changes to the system and want to verify that it's still configured properly. You can also use them for measuring the impact that AuditShark has on your servers. It's not much, I can assure you of that. Enjoy!

Policy Library

Our Policy Library consists of various policies that we have put together with you in mind. These Policies may be used as-is, or you can mix and match the Filters and Control Points from each Policy into custom Policies to meet your own compliance needs.

These Policies and Control Points are detailed such that you don't need to know any of the technical details of how they work. They've been prebuilt specifically for this purpose.

Custom Policy Builder

When things get really complicated, you can fire up the Custom Policy Builder on your desktop. This application lets you build completely custom Policies, Filters and Control Points from the ground up. Then push them to the server when you're ready to deploy them for use on your servers.

Need to check a registry key for a specific value? Easy as pie. Want to see if a service is still running? Quick and painless. Need to combine those to get a single result? Still easy. Want to run a script to check the IIS metabase, but only if IIS 7 is installed on Windows 2008 R2 and if a specific application is installed? Well, it's a little bit more complicated than the previous examples, but not by a lot.

The Custom Policy Builder includes more than 30 different Rule types that you can combine to get the results you need. You can use scripts, executables, variables and various functions in your Control Points. Then you can add dependencies between them to ensure that they only run if they are applicable to the computer they are running on.

What's the limit to what it can do? Well to be honest, we're still trying to find that out. If it's programmatically possible to do something, then AuditShark can do it. So far, that is.

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