How Does It Work?

AuditShark is a flexible auditing tool that can be used to programmatically determine the overall security posture of your servers. Using a proprietary scripting language, AuditShark will examine anything it is configured to look at and report back to our servers whether the configuration is correct or not. If it is configured correctly, as defined by the Control Point implementation, then it is said to be "Ok". If it is not configured correctly, then it is said to be "Not Ok".

This seemingly simplistic view of your servers is inherently powerful in that it's black and white. Either something is properly configured or it isn't.

Getting started with AuditShark is fast and easy.

  1. Sign up for a free trial account. Then download and install the AuditShark Agent onto the computers you want to monitor.
  2. Download and install the AuditShark Agent on the computers you want to monitor.
  3. Select one or more of the prebuilt policies from our library that you want to use to monitor your servers, or create your own using our Policy Builder.
  4. Schedule when you want your audits to occur.
  5. Grab a cup of coffee and wait for our email.
Your first Audit should be ready in about 10 minutes and will be delivered via a report straight to your mailbox. From then on, audits will take place on the daily schedule that you have provided and you will receive reports via email once per week.

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