Nearly half of all data breaches are due to misconfigured systems. But who has time to dig into the details and figure out whether your servers are really configured properly?

The problem is that most people don't. Let AuditShark do the work for you.

Peace of Mind

Setting up a server correctly is one thing. Making sure that it doesn't change from the base configuration is considerably different.

AuditShark can bring you peace of mind by making sure that your system is configured properly, and will let you know when it isn't.
It is my mission to make life more difficult for hackers who want to break into your servers and steal your data. Using AuditShark, you can help to lock down your servers to comply with industry best practices or your own internal security standards. Don't be the low hanging fruit for a script kiddie. Get secure. Get AuditShark. — Mike Taber, Lead Architect of AuditShark
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